Heraldry of the Clan Logan
Armorial Bearings & Other Heraldric Symbols
As an ancient and noble line of Scotsmen, The Clan Logan has a very rich history of heraldric symbols. These include Coats of Arms, Clan badges (crests), and Clan tartans. Some of these are shown below, with reasonable accuracy and descriptions. They are for reference only, and the stories accompanying them are based in historical facts, but often lean towards the stuff of Legend.
Chief of Clan Logan - Last Registered Coat of Arms
Shield Or (gold), three passion nails in point, piercing a man's heart in base Gules (scarlet)

In 1330 brothers Sir Robert Logan of Restalrig and Sir William Logan, along with Sir William de Keith, Sir William de St. Clair of Rosslyn, accompanied Sir James Douglas in his quest to take the heart of the dead King Robert I of Scotland to the Holy Land. 

Douglas and his company had been received by Alfonso XI of Castile, who was campaigning against the Moors, in the Kingdom of Granada. Near the Castillo de la Estrella, Alfonso's army fought the Saracens at the Battle of Teba. During the battle Douglas observed a knight of his company surrounded by the Moorish warriors, and with his remaining men attempted to relieve his countryman.

As the knights were hard-pressed and outnumbered by the Moors, Sir James Douglas took the silver casket containing the heart of Robert Bruce, and threw it before him among the enemy, saying, "Now pass thou onward before us, as thou wert wont, and I will follow thee or die."

Sir James Douglas and most of his men were slain, among them Sir Robert Logan and Sir Walter Logan.

The legend is that the heart shown on the shield is that of Rober the Bruce. The three passion nails represent Sir Robert Logan, Sir Walter Logan, and Sir James Douglas their leader. The nails are specifically referred to as Passion Nails and are indicative of followers of Jesus the Christ.

When the Chief of the Clan is restored, he may choose to use this Coat of Arms - OR - he may choose a new Coat of Arms. In any event, it will be the personal choice of the Chief of Clan Logan.
The Arms of
Sir Robert Logan
5th Baron of


1st & 4th quarters - Or (gold), three Piles Sable (black)
2nd & 3rd quarters - Gules (scarlet), Eagle Argent (silver)
The Arms of
Sir Robert Logan
6th Baron of


1st & 4th quarters - Or (gold), three Piles Sable (black) in point for Logan of Restalrig;
2nd quarter - Argent (silver), Eagle Gules (scarlet) for Logan of Grugar; 
3rd quarter Argent, 3 Papingoes Vert (green popinjays) for Home of Fast Castle
Official Crest of the Clan Logan Society International

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Clan Logan Tartan - Ancient
Clan Logan Tartan - Modern