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Jon Bish

Jon joined the Society in 2022.  He hit the ground running with the type of volunteer enthusiasm needed to get the Society growing again. Jon hosted his first Clan Logan hospitality tent at his local Highland Festival & Games this summer and has just wrapped up the first phase of updating the Society’s website, with more improvements to come in 2023.


Jon was born in North Carolina in 1971. He was raised primarily in Pennsylvania but moved/worked around the country for many years. Over time, Jon found himself living in northern New Jersey, where he worked in law enforcement for many years as well as building computers and beta testing a series of smart devices.

Even without academic training, Jon became a coveted IT specialist among many people, including state police, business owners, and friends. He took every opportunity to learn more with every person met in his field until eventually, he became the person they went to for technical assistance.

Though now retired, Jon continues to work on a myriad of smart devices and computers to ensure that he is always on top of the newest in technology, and that the systems he builds remain highly functional for those who need IT help.

Jon has since moved from New Jersey and settled in northern Idaho to enjoy a more even paced and quiet life. He also enjoys and has been published in a few magazines for his photography.

Jon’s connection to the Logans stems from his mother’s side and runs deep, Jon’s favorite aunt, Debra Logan, did much of the genealogical research for his family, publishing the research in a five-volume set. Since her passing Jon decided to honor her by carrying on her quest to document their Logan roots.

Jon hopes to inspire the same love for the Logan heritage that his aunt inspired in him by sharing her research continuing to host hospitality tents for the Society at three to four more Northwest regional festivals in 2023,and by applying his photography and website building skills to attract new members.

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