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Welcome Family & Friends

Do you or someone you know have the last name Logan? Have you ever wondered about your family origins and history? Do you wonder if there are others as interested in family history and lore as you? 

You've come to the right place then! Welcome to the internet home of the Clan Logan Society. We are a group of people with deep pride in our Scottish heritage. The Chief of Name and Arms of Logan was among the first to register his arms with the Lord Lyon in 1672. The last Chief of Name and Arms of Logan passed away in 1802, leaving no currently known successor. The Clan Logan Society is actively searching for the hereditary chief - and collecting stories of heroism, fealty, and honor to share with all!

Furze, or gorse, is a thorny evergreen shrub (Ulex europaeus), with yellow flowers, very common upon the plains and hills of the United Kingdom and is the official flower of the Clan Logan.

Associated Surnames

Logan, Lagan, Laggan, Loban, Lobban, Loben, Logane, Logen, Loggan, Loggane, Loggans, Loghane, Loggins, Loghyn, Login,  Logyn,  Lohan, Lopan, Lowgan, Loggon, Loughan, Loggie

Last Logan Registered Coat of Arms.jpg

Chief Restoration Project

Our Goals

1) To reestablish the Chief of Name and Arms of Clan Logan 

2) To foster Clan Logan sentiment and spirit, thereby cultivating and developing a sense of clanship and promoting sociability and friendly discourse among members.

3) To collect and preserve the history, traditions, music, poetry, relics, etc., connected with Clan Logan. Information on these is to be documented and disseminated via a quarterly newsletter and official website.


4) To encourage the wearing of Clan Logan tartans and other highland attire; and the display and wearing of the Clan Logan crest.

5) To establish awards, scholarships, or grants for :


a. Competition undertaken in the name of Clan Logan and approved by the Society

b. Research into the history, traditions, and legends of Clan Logan

c.  Publication or other media production of stories of Clan Logan

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