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About Clan Logan Society International

History of Clan Logan Society International

The original Clan Logan Society was founded in 1913 by Thomas Logan, Esq., Provost of Partick, in Glasgow. Two successful Clan Logan Gatherings were held in Glasgow in 1913 and 1914. But with the advent of World War I, Clan Gatherings were placed in abeyance. Many clansmen laid down their lives for king and country during this war and so the original Society disbanded. The new Clan Logan Society International was established in 2002 under the leadership of Vernon E. Logan of North Carolina, USA, to carry on the efforts of the original Society. Vernon led this reformation of the Society nobly, and with a passion for a successful future of Clan Logan. In 2018, at the unexpected death of Vernon, James C. Logan was confirmed the second President of the Society by the Board of Directors in accordance with the bylaws of the Society. Under James' leadership, the Society experienced exponential growth in membership and now includes members from Scotland to the USA, to Guam, New Zealand, and Australia. The Society also maintains a close affiliation with the Clan Logan Society of Canada with its Commissioner, Steven Logan, serving on the Society’s Board of Directors for nearly a decade.  The objectives of Clan Logan Society International are::​ 1) To reestablish the Chief of Name and Arms of Clan Logan ​ 2) To foster Clan Logan sentiment and spirit, thereby cultivating and developing a sense of clanship and promoting sociability and friendly discourse among members. 3) To collect and preserve the history, traditions, music, poetry, relics, etc., connected with Clan Logan. Information on these is to be documented and disseminated via a quarterly newsletter and official website. 4) To encourage the wearing of Clan Logan tartans and other highland attire; and the display and wearing of the Clan Logan crest. 5) To establish awards, scholarships, or grants for: a. Competition undertaken in the name of Clan Logan and approved by the Society b. Research into the history, traditions, and legends of Clan Logan c. Publication or other media production of stories of Clan Logan


Hoc Majorum Virtus

"This [crest] represents the Valor of my Ancestors"


It is a reminder of the bravery of our ancient and revered kinsmen who died in pursuit of their sworn duty and allegiance to Sir Robert the Bruce, King of Scots

It should be a reminder to us of our Noble Scottish Ancestry.

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