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Help Us Out with Your Time, Talent, or Treasure!

As one might imagine, running a worldwide volunteer organization can be a huge challenge. It requires many hours of skilled, dedicated work every month, in addition to a significant amount of funds. At Clan Logan Society International we have been blessed from the very beginning with any number of talented and dedicated people. We've even managed to raise enough from membership dues and donations for the Chief Restoration Project to meet our needs. As we enter our third decade of operation we are going to have to dig much deeper however. We need as many people as possible to donate their time, their talent, and/or their treasure to our efforts. The Chief Restoration Project is entering a new period of increased costs as we plan for a family convention, work with the Court of the Lord Lyon, and the funding of public awareness campaigns that we are looking for the hereditary chief. Please take a time to look at the links below and consider how you may help the Society.

Share Your Time


Highland Festivals and Games are held all over the world, especially in countries with large Scottish heritage populations (Canada, the USA, New Zealand, etc.). We are working hard to have a Clan Logan hospitality tent at as many of these events as we can. Our Clan Convener, Ed Logan, has been instrumental in making this happen for nearly two decades. If you'd like to help us (and Ed) out, please reach out to him via email find out more.

email Ed

Share Your Talent


Clan Logan Society International is 100% volunteer organized and led. And it seems there's always more to do than there are enough hands to do it all. If you'd like to learn about opportunities besides being a Host at a Highland Festival, reach out to our President, Kevin Logan, and find out what else you can do to help. Two of our immediate needs are those of a webmaster and a graphic artist. Are you skilled in either of those areas? Reach out and let us know!

email Kevin

Share Your Treasure

If you wish to financially support the objectives of the Society, we certainly do appreciate our generous donors. The easiest way to do this is to join us as a Member and pay your annual dues. 

If you'd like to help us beyond the annual Membership dues, one of the best ways is to donate to our Chief Restoration Project. 

And if you've done all that, we can always use more financial support to meet our other objectives. Email our President, Kevin Logan, and ask about other donation opportunities.

email Kevin

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