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Steven Logan, FSA Scot, BEd, BFA (Hon)

Commissioner for Canada

Steven Joined Clan Logan Society International in 2006. He started as representative of Quebec and worked tirelessly to become the Clan Logan Ambassador of Canada. Years later, he moved to France as a British citizen and became Clan Logan Representative of France where he was based in Le Bouscat, France (a suburb of Bordeaux). Steven shared Clan Logan’s history, ancestry, and traditions in French since he is fluent in both languages. Due to family obligations, Steven returned to Canada in the summer of 2015. At the urging of James C. Logan, then the vice president of the Society, Steven founded the Clan Logan Society of Canada. Steven is responsible for the growth of the Society in Canada and currently has official representatives in Manitoba (Brionne Logan) and Ontario (Patrick Dionne-Kuno).

Steven Logan is a dual national of Canada and the United Kingdom, of Scottish descent through his mother, Margaret Logan, who is Steven’s inspiration for his endeavors with Clan Logan. Steven graduated from Concordia University in Montreal with a Bachelor of Education in Teaching English as a Second Language. Steven also holds a Fine Arts degree and graduated with honors. 

Steven enjoys using his skills as a painter to increase awareness of the Society by donating artwork to various fundraisers. In 2017, Steven donated one of his artworks to the Canadian Armed Forces on behalf of the Society. It received the Commander’s Coin of Excellence, and currently hangs in the Officer’s Mess at the Longue Pointe Military base where Steven’s father served as a sergeant.

Steven is heavily involved in a number of Scottish organizations:


  • A lifetime member of the Montreal Saint Andrew’s Society

  • ​An Ensign with the 78th Fraser Highlanders

  • As an active part of the regimental Black Watch family, Steven honors his great grandfather George Fisher Logan, who served in the Black watch in Scotland during WW1

  • A member of The Ottawa Scottish Society, as well as the United Irish Societies of Montreal 

  • Treasurer for Clans and Scottish Societies of Canada (CASSOC) & CASSOC’s French Division, Clans et Sociétés Écossaises du Canada (CESEDC)

  • Clans and Communities Director at the Montreal Highland Games

  • Can be seen across Canada and even the USA at various Highland Festivals & Games

As Commissioner of Canada, Steven hopes to bring all Canadian Logans together, instill a feeling of pride in their heritage, and a love of the Logan identity. 


In 2023, Steven was honored with a grant of arms from the Canadian Heraldic Authority (CHA). The arms are a wonderful representation of the man and his constant striving for excellence in the building and strengthening of the family and clan of Logan. The arms, along with the full display of his flag, badge, letters patent, etc, may be seen at this LINK.

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