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Ginny Lightsee-Ceehorne, MSc (Biol),  BFA

Membership Coordinator

Ginny Lightsey-Ceehorne is one of those rare Logans who has been active with the Scottish family of Logan at festivals in the USA since BEFORE the Clan Logan Society was re-established by former President Vernon Logan. She gives us a great summary in her own words,

“Hello! I am Ginny Lightsey-Ceehorne and am very excited to be joining the Clan Logan Society International’s leadership as the Membership Coordinator.  While I am new to the Society, I have been helping my parents with the Logan booth at the Highland Scottish and Irish Festival in Estes Park Colorado since 1996.  It started with my Mom wanting to learn more about her Logan heritage, and with no Logan representation at the Festival, my parents decided to start their own booth!  Over the years we have had the pleasure of meeting more and more Logans and connecting genealogy.  

This past year we were lucky enough to have representatives from the Clan Logan Society International Board of Directors visit us at the festival – my family and I greatly enjoyed meeting everyone and I am excited to now be part of this organization.  As already stated, my Logan connection is through my maternal lineage.  We have traced back to a Timothy Logan that was a surveyor through the Eastern states and came to North Carolina where he had a son (also named Timorthy) in 1758.  The younger Timothy is number 1034 in the Pre-1800’s Logan genealogy site.  Timothy was neighbors with Daniel Boone and later married Daniel’s niece – so I also have some Boone blood!”

Ginny earned a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Theater Arts as well as a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Biology from the University of Northern Colorado, where she went on to earn a Master of Science (MS) in Biology. She has held an array of jobs over her career - from a Fish and Wildlife Biologist to a Trail Manager to a Biology Professor! The past 10 years, she has settled into a wonderful career as a Technical Writer for Tolmar, Inc.  While this may not be the most glamorous or exciting of jobs – as Ginny says, “There is SO much to be said for enjoying the people you work alongside.”


Ginny has always been a dance and theater enthusiast and still takes time to perform with the local community theater. She has danced since a young age, doing tap, jazz, and ballet.  Ginny has also taught as well as performed Welsh folk dancing with the Colorado Welsh Society.  Recently, she has changed in her dance passion to a more gypsy style by learning and performing belly dance with Troupe Sidysaan throughout the past year. Before having her daughter, Ginny even enjoyed skating for the local roller derby club.  


When not working or dancing or acting Ginny enjoys spending time with her daughter and husband camping, hiking, traveling, bird watching, and anything Star Wars. She is very excited to start a new journey with the Clan Logan Society and looks forward to meeting everyone.

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