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Upcoming Board Meeting

Greetings CLS Members Worldwide!

I want to invite you all to attend the next CLS Board Meeting. It will be our first quarterly meeting of the year, having skipped the January meeting due to timing issues. The date selected is 07 April 2024, and times are shown in the second image below. Please let me know if you need help identifying the correct time zone for your area as they may not all be reflected in the image.

Members who wish to attend may register by emailing our Vice President, Linda, and requesting the Zoom link for the meeting. This will help us manage the overall flow of the meeting.

The tentative agenda includes the following items, and hopefully we can get to all of them. 

  • Updates to the Chief Restoration Project & Derbhfine [Kevin]

  • Membership Update [James, Ginny, Steven (for Canada)]

  • Treasurer Report [Tricia]

  • 21st Century Logan Tartan Update [Tricia]

  • Social Media Report [Jamie, Tricia, Kevin]

  • Genealogy Project Update [Sean, Kevin]

  • By-laws Committee Report [Caleb, Tricia, Linda]

  • and of course any new items the members wish to discuss

My hope is to keep the meeting to 90 minutes maximum for the topics above, so expect about 10 minutes per topic with the exception of Chief Restoration and By-laws. I think those two may have more engagement. 

Of course, because we are Scottish descendants, socializing afterwards (beyond 90 minutes) is encouraged so have a favorite beverage on hand. 

Hoc Majorum Virtus!

J. Kevin Logan


Clan Logan Society International



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