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Are the Logans of that ilk still with us?

Not exactly but……

As you likely are aware, Hugh Logan of that ilk (aka Hugh the Witty) died likely in 1802 without a legitimate heir.  This left us without a chief for the last 222 years!  While it is not likely we will ever find someone with a legitimate claim to the right of inheritance, it appears that the line did not completely die out.  To better understand let’s look at our last chief’s father, also named Hugh Logan of that Ilk (abt. 1670 – abt 1750).

The elder Hugh had at least 4 children, George, Janet, William and Hugh.  It is believed that George and William predeceased their father and never obtained the title “of that ilk” as it went to their younger brother, Hugh.  When Hugh passed in 1802 his older sister, Janet was still alive and inherited the lands of Logan.  This blog is about her descendants.


Janet Logan was born on 8 April 1734 in Old Cumnock, Ayr Scotland.  At the age of 19 (12 April 1753) she married James Goodlet (Goodlatt) Campell of Auchlyne (lands in Killin) in Edinburgh.

In 1802, Janet inherited the lands of Logan and was the executor of Hugh Logan of that ilk’s Testament Dative.   Her son Hugh Goodlet Campbell is also listed in this document as he is providing a Bond of Cautionary (a form of insurance).  In 1803, Janet Logan passed away and her son Hugh Campbell inherited the lands.  Unfortunately, 16 years later he was forced to sell the lands of Logan for 21,047 pounds. There is no record of Hugh marrying or having children, but this is not yet the end of the story. 

A historical document written in cursive

Figure 1 - Testament Dative for Hugh Logan of that ilk.  Can you find the clerical error?


Hugh had a sister named Janet whose marriage to Andrew Mackenzie was announced in the May issue of the 1789 edition of the Scots Magazine (note “writer to the signet” means clerk to the office of the secretary of state).  I am not sure how many children they had but thanks to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald (Sat 29 Aug 1857) we know one was John Kenneth Mackenzie.  29 Aug 1857 - DR. LEICHHARDT. - Trove (

A historical document in a typeface print

Figure 2 - Marriage of Mr Andrew Mackenzie to Miss Janet Campbell

John Kenneth had an interesting life.  He left an orphan “at a very tender age” and when he turned 16 joined the 4th Regiment “the King’s Own” as an ensign.  In 1808 he was shipped to Portugal where the British were busy holding off the Napoleon’s invasion.  In this he was unlucky enough to participate in “the miseries of the retreat to Corunna”.  Fortunately, he survived and went on to participate the battle of Salamanca which was the beginning of the end for France in Portugal.  

After dealing with Napolean his regiment was sent to the United States of America and was part of the battle of Bladensburg where the British famously set fire to the United States Capitol.  In this battle he was wounded and therefore sent to Halifax where he met and married Charlotte Solomon.  In 1832, now a Lieutenant Colonel and in command of the 4th regiment, led them to the colony of Australia.  Shortly thereafter it appears he retired, brought his family to the Sydney area and became a sheep farmer.  His family was very large, but of particular interest to me is their daughter Elizabeth Mackenzie who married Alured Tasker Faunce in 1835 and at least one of their descendants is still living in Australia. 

A lithograph reproduction showing the taking of Washington, DC

Figure 3 - The taking of the city of Washington courtesy of the Library of Congress

There you have it, from Hugh Logan’s sister Janet Logan we get Janet Campbell who gave birth to John Kenneth Mackenzie who is the progenitor of living descendants of the Logans of that ilk.  It is believed that due to the laws of inheritance set by the court of the Lord Lyon none of them will be eligible to become our Chief.  However, it makes me happy to know that the line did not completely die out. 

P.S.  – if interested in citations for the statements above I invite you to look at WikiTree starting here.

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