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Commander Nominees - Next Steps

Preparing for the Selection Process

Key Dates

26 January 2025 - Deadline to receive Clan Commander nominations at the Society (90 days prior to the convention)

25 February 2025 - Nominees to appear in an online forum hosted by the Society to officially introduce themselves and participate in a Question & Answer forum (60 days prior to the convention)

27 March 2025 - Closure of hearing from interested parties on whom they would choose for a Commander from among the candidates who appeared on 25 February 2025 (30 days prior to the convention)

23 April 2025 - Society Leadership, including Commander nominees, arrive in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (3 days prior to the convention - details forthcoming)

26 April 2025 - Convention (Derbhfine) to affirm the family's selection of Commander candidate

The Logan clan crest, 21st Century Logan tartan, and the CLS Logo

Next Steps for Candidates

We would like to ask the following items to be received in relation to each of the nominees for Commander of the family and clan of Logan:

  • A photo of the candidate showing at least the candidate's head and shoulders (a 'headshot') with a neutral background and no one else in the photo

  • A letter of nomination from the person who would like to see the nominee become the Commander

  • A paragraph from a second person supporting the nominee becoming the Commander

  • An essay from the nominee detailing

    • their interest in becoming the Commander,

    • how they would help to find a living heir to the title of Chief of Name and Arms of Logan (if this person exists)

    • how they would represent the Family and Clan of Logan in both formal and informal settings and events

    • personal background and how that has influenced their desire to be the Commander

Please submit these items as soon as possible. Although the deadline for all nominees is 26 January 2025, it is the intention of the Society to publish blogs and newsletter articles regarding each of the nominees throughout 2024, leading up to the derbhfine. We want to make certain that everyone interested in the process of selecting the Commander has as much time as possible to become familiar with the nominees.

Letters & Essays

People with an interest in nominating a candidate, or seconding the nomination should email the following persons directly:

J. Kevin Logan, President –

Tricia Logan-Locke –

The essays from each of the nominees should also be emailed to the three Society officers noted above.

Written statements may also be sent via post offices to Clan Logan Society International at:

Commander Candidates

c/o Randy Horne, Registered Agent

Clan Logan Society International

114 Corkill Lane

Franklin, North Carolina 27734


Please reach out to us via email with any questions as we move forward into this exciting new era.  

Hoc Majorum Virtus!

J. Kevin Logan


Clan Logan Society International



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