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Announcing the Logan Family & Highland Clan Derbhfine

And Our Thoughts on a Commander


April 23 through 27, 2025


Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

*Conference location information to be announced soon

Virtually: Zoom (online) invitations will be sent to those who wish to participate remotely


Convene as a united family of Logans from Scotland and the Scottish diaspora,

  • to confirm a Commander to represent our family and Highland clan globally,

  • to further our goal of finding a living heir to the title of Chief of Name and Arms of Logan, to be recognized by the Lord Lyon King of Arms as the Chief of the family and clan


People with an interest in taking part in the derbhfine should make their interest known by emailing the following persons:

J. Kevin Logan, President –

Tricia Logan-Locke –

Questions about the derbhfine are also welcome at any of the above emails

Coat of Arms of George Logan of Logan

Commander of the Family and Highland Clan of Logan

Advice of the Lord Lyon King of Arms

The purpose of the appointment of a commander is to allow time and space for the clan or family to raise its profile, build itself up, publicise itself and for a potential candidate to be hereditary chief to be identified. One of the principal responsibilities of a commander is to seek to identify any potential hereditary claimant to the chiefship. If it is not possible to identify a potential claimant who can prove descent from the chiefly line the commander should seek to encourage suitable candidates who may have wide support from the clan or family to come forward as a candidate for the chiefship.

…the Lord Lyon would likely only appoint a commander where the clan or family clearly coalesces around a single candidate. Recognising a commander where a clan or family was divided between two or more candidates would be likely to promote the fracturing of the clan or family rather than its unity. Given the role of a commander and the links of clans and families with Scotland and its people it is generally preferred that a candidate for commander reside within the United Kingdom.

A commander is generally appointed for a five year term. The appointment can be renewed at the discretion of the Lord Lyon so long as the commander wishes to continue to serve as commander and can show that the clan or family supports re-appointment. As noted above one of the main functions of a commander is to seek out and encourage to come forward any potential claimant to the hereditary chiefship.

The above statements come from a guidance note, “Chiefs of Clans and Families, Succession of Chiefs, Family Conventions, Nomination of Heir,” published by the Lord Lyon King of Arms in December of 2021.

Position of Clan Logan Society International

Our general feeling in regard to this guidance, as it shall pertain to anyone wishing to stand for the role of Commander of the Family and Highland Clan of Logan is as follows:

1.    Although it is not stated verbatim in the guidance, it is required that the candidate shall bear the surname of Logan

2.    The candidate shall possess an unwavering commitment to finding a living heir to the title of Chief of Name and Arms of Logan

a.     The candidate shall possess sufficient financial means, vitality and be willing to lead in the publicizing of the ongoing search for this living heir by representing the Logans at public functions globally, e.g., Highland festivals and games, St. Andrew’s Society dinners and galas, Scottish historical society functions, Burns Night dinners, etc.

b.    The candidate shall be willing to facilitate interactions between Clan Logan Society International, the global family of Logan who have provided a registration of interest in the derbhfine, the Supervising Officer appointed by the Lord Lyon, and any and all claimants to the hereditary title of Chief of Name and Arms of Logan. In this regard, the candidate shall serve as the first point-of-contact of any claimants.

c.     The candidate shall be willing to serve a minimum of five calendar years from the time of his or her appointment to the role of commander.

d.    The candidate shall become, if not already so, well-versed in the history of the Logan family and clan, and also in the genealogy of the Chief of Name and Arms of Logan. In this manner he or she shall be able to properly represent the family in all public and private occasions.

3.    As the Logans have roots both in the Scottish Highlands and Lowlands, representing unique branches of the family name, the candidate shall be willing to represent all branches of the family impartially and fairly in the role of commander.

4.    Although the role of commander would be aided by the candidate residing in the United Kingdom, anyone who has an interest in performing the duties of commander should present themselves as a candidate so that the family may find the best representative from our global community.


Candidates First Step

All of those persons interested in standing as a candidate for Commander of the Family and Highland Clan of Logan should immediately submit a written statement of their interest as well as a description of why they believe they are the best candidate to represent the interests of the family and clan.

This statement must include the name of a nominator as well as someone who seconds the nomination. Provision of certain legally identifying documents may be asked for in follow-up correspondence that prove the candidate is a Logan, e.g., birth certificate, driving license, passport, etc. Personal identifying information on the nominator and person who seconds the nomination may also need to be provided. Please have these items available for review upon request.

The written statements may be made via email to the following individuals at Clan Logan Society International (which will in turn share them with the Supervising Officer of the Lord Lyon):

J. Kevin Logan, President –

Tricia Logan-Locke –

Written statements may also be sent via post offices to Clan Logan Society International at:

Commander Candidates

c/o Randy Horne, Registered Agent

Clan Logan Society International

114 Corkill Lane

Franklin, North Carolina 27734


Please reach out to us via email with any questions as we move forward into this exciting new era.  

Hoc Majorum Virtus!

J. Kevin Logan


Clan Logan Society International



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