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Supervising Officer Appointed

Updated: Feb 9

Sharing some great news!

I am very pleased to share with everyone that the Lord Lyon has appointed us a Supervising Officer for our requested family convention, or derbhfine. This means that we are on our way to having a Commander of Clan Logan appointed - the next phase in our quest to have the Chief of Name and Arms of Logan restored.

I received the final confirmation on Friday of the appointment of Colin Russell, Falkland Pursuivant Extraordinary, as our Supervising Officer and representative of the Lord Lyon King of Arms for our family convention.

I have exchanged a few preparatory emails with Mr. Russell and expressed to him our keen interest in getting moving as quickly as possible. As you might imagine his schedule is quite busy so my first official Zoom meeting with him will not occur until early March 2024. I will of course let you all know as soon as possible what date Mr. Russell and I agree upon - and I remain hopeful that it will be in 2024.

Beyond this, I have no answers as to expectations, requirements, etc. that our Supervising Officer may have for us. That will become more clear after the March meeting I am sure.

Incidentally, you can read a little about our Supervising Officer at this LINK.

This is a significant milestone for us as we continue to work on the Chief Restoration Project. I hope you all make a note of it in your journals and diaries. It will be something your successive generations will take pleasure in reading.

Hoc Majorum Virtus!

J. Kevin Logan


Clan Logan Society International



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