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James C. Logan, MSc (Eng)

President Emeritus

James has served in the Society since 2005, beginning as so many do as a host at regional highland festivals & games. After numerous years in a variety of leadership roles, James was confirmed as the second president of the Society in 2018. Under James’ leadership the Society’s Bylaws were improved and streamlined, and exciting online conferences were organized and held. 

The Society saw exponential growth and gained members from across the globe during this period. James’ contributions to the Society in hard work, persistence and leadership are too numerous to mention – he truly was the glue that held the Society together for more than a decade. James was appointed as the first President Emeritus of the Society in 2022, after stepping aside as President due to health concerns.

James is now retired after a very challenging and rewarding career with the United States Navy. As an enlisted man, James earned his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and went on to teach at the Naval Nuclear Power School in Bainbridge, Maryland as a commissioned officer.

When James separated from the Navy as an officer, he continued his education at Syracuse University, earning his master’s degree in Electrical Engineering. James continued his service with the Navy as a civilian at the Navy Laboratory in San Diego, California where he earned several U.S. Patents for radar technology.

James is an avid sailor in his personal life as well. He and Virginia, his wife, once sailed their 33-foot sloop from San Diego, California to Hawaii, and back again. Right after retirement in 1999, James built a 44-foot sailing boat, the ketch rigged Spirit.

Working essentially singlehanded from plans, building the Spirit was a labor of love completed in 2006. Recently, in June 2018, James and Virginia visited a number of Logan historical sites in Edinburgh and the Borders.

James was born in Jamestown, New York in 1944. His 7th great grandfather , John Logan, immigrated to the British Colony of Connecticut in the early 1700’s from Northern Ireland (Logan DNA Project family line #1034). DNA evidence indicates his family origin is Ayrshire, Scotland.

The family Scottish progenitor (as yet to be identified) probably immigrated to the Ulster Plantation about 1610 where he may have held land. Grandfather John Logan eventually inherited and sold the holdings to finance his purchase of farmland in the Connecticut Colony.

James occupies what free time he has playing the bagpipes, learning to speak Gaelic, and of course sailing.

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