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Tricia Logan-Locke 
Social Media Coordinator


Tricia Logan-Locke has been a member of Clan Logan Society, almost since its founding in 2002. Through her business connections, she has helped to ‘kilt up’ many Clan Logan members in fine, Scottish clothing. Tricia volunteered in early 2022 to take on the new role of Social Media Coordinator for the Society.


Right from the beginning Tricia made great improvements in the Society’s official Facebook page, creating at least weekly posts of interest to the members, and effectively eliminating the troublesome spam by which so many group pages were being troubled. Tricia created an official Instagram account for the Society and keeps it updated regularly with beautiful images of Scotland (which she now calls home) and other Clan Logan photos.

Tricia was born in Elderslie, Scotland to James Logan and Marjorie Moss. Her father was an engineer who became part of what was referred to as the “Brain Drain” of the 1960s when he immigrated to the USA in 1967. First settling in New Hampshire with her family at the age of 7, Tricia’s family eventually moved to California. There they opened a family retail business, Scottish Treasures. Tricia has worked in the family business for 35 years, eventually taking ownership of the business in 2016. With so many years of experience with kilts and accessories, Tricia has become well known for her identification of tartans and kilt fitting expertise.

Tricia recently did a deep dive into the history of the Clan Logan tartans, sharing her wealth of knowledge with us in two feature articles of Our Valour. Tricia and her husband recently returned to living in Scotland. She works remotely with her team in California who attend Scottish games and take the kilt orders now.

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