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Randolph Horne 



A graduate of Winthrop College in Rock Hill SC in 1988 with a BA in History. After teaching US History on the High School level for a number of years enrolled in the University of North a Carolina at Charlotte and earned a Master’s degree in Educational Administration. After 35 years of teaching, coaching , and being a school principal, Randy is now retired and living in Franklin NC with his wife Katherine who has also retired from public education after 30 years of service. They have two daughters, Logan and Ellery.

Randy and his family became involved with their Scottish Heritage almost by accident. Randy’s grandmother, Gladys Mahone Logan of plains Georgia introduced his Scottish lineage to him while he was attending Winthrop College. As their children became old enough to absorb the significance of their history they shared those stories with the girls. In 2008 Randy and his family happened upon The Grandfather Mountain Highland Games literally by accident on a summer get away to the area. They bought tickets walked in and were deeply impressed. After completing one trip around the grounds Logan, who was named for her grandmother asked Randy, “ daddy why don’t we have a tent” ? So Clan Logan has been represented since 2009.

In retirement Randy and Katie plan to attend and represent our Clan in more games. This year they will be attending the Taste of Scotland festival in their new home town Franklin in July.

They will also be engulfing in their other passions such as travel, hiking, foraging, fly fishing to name a few.

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