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Sean J. Logan, CPSM

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Sean J. Logan joined the Clan Logan Society shortly after attending the quarterly General Membership meeting in January 2023, as he was intrigued by the Chief Restoration Project. Sean has accepted the opportunity to become more involved by using his genealogical skills as the Genealogist for the Society. In this role he hopes to assist the Restoration project by aligning the many different early (pre-1800) Scottish Logan families into distinct groups.

Prior to joining the Society, Sean spent more than 20 years with IBM and BP as a Procurement Leader.  He retired in 2021 from BP as their Director of Global Sourcing. Sean’s career allowed him to develop strong analytical skills which assist greatly when trying to solve the riddles regarding our ancestors. He is most proud of his ability to guide and develop his team members and colleagues.

Sean’s interest in genealogy began with a letter he received in 2001 from his Grandparents John Logan and Jeanne Smith (Logan).  In that letter was a robust paper family tree.  Reading it Sean would often wonder what their lives were like and if he could be bold enough to expand the tree.  After spending time occasionally tinkering with it, Sean decided to make this hobby his “career” upon retirement.  Now having spent 2 years working on a tree that includes over 2100 people and having assembled thousands of facts, articles, and stories, he has started to write his family history books beginning with the Logans then moving on to his English, French/German and Jewish ancestors.  


To support this new passion, Sean has spent considerable time educating himself on what it takes to be a successful genealogist – which has started him on a journey into learning about genealogy that he knows will never end.  Through this education Sean has learned the importance of accuracy and tenacity which allows him to tell credible and enjoyable stories about his ancestors.  One source of education has been the pre1800 Logans group who has helped him take a more rounded view of Genealogy bringing in DNA data.  In 2023 Sean became the coordinator for Limb 1, a role he will continue.  Sean’s link to Limb 1 is via David Logan (#1009) and his wife Jane Logan (nee McKinley) who arrived in the American Colonies around 1739 eventually setting in the Shenandoah Valley with his Scotch Irish kin.  He believes that David came to Virginia via the Ulster Plantation and that his ancestors were likely in Ayrshire, coming to the Ulster Plantations in the early 1600s.   

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In addition to Genealogy, Sean enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, playing guitar, and watching sports.  He is an avid runner having completed 2 ultramarathons and continues to train for future ultras. 

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