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Happy New Year 2024

Updated: Feb 9

Happy New Year Family and Friends! Welcome to 2024

I cannot tell you how excited I am and how much I am looking forward to the upcoming events of this year. Yes, we will have many opportunities to attend Scottish Highland festivals, Burns Suppers, and many other wonderful activities as members of the Scottish diaspora. But specifically for the family and Clan of Logan, we are embarking on a new path towards having a recognized Chief of Name and Arms.

As you are all hopefully aware, at the end of 2023, the leadership of Clan Logan Society International realized we had arrived at a fork in the road with our Chief Restoration Project. Having exhausted nearly 20 years in searching the dusty, ancient archives of Scotland, it was time to look at alternative paths for finding the hereditary chief. One path was to continue trying to find some heretofore unnoticed genealogical record that would point us to a living heir to the title, Chief of Name and Arms of Logan. The other path was to approach the Lord Lyon King of Arms and ask for his permission to conduct a supervised family convention, or derbhfine. The goal of the derbhfine will be to appoint a Commander of Clan Logan. The commander’s job will be to guide us in finding either an hereditary heir or, failing that, identifying a suitable person to take on the role, establishing a new Chiefly line of succession.

While this second path will be long, possibly taking another decade or more to complete, I am very happy we have taken this bold first step. Hopefully as January draws to a close, we will find we have made the second step down this path by having a Supervising Officer from the Lyon’s Office appointed to our case. From there, with the assistance of the Supervising Officer, we will be able to supply you, our extended family, with more details and what the road ahead will look like for us. I hope you are all as excited about this as I am.

Adding to this excitement, I am very pleased to announce that we have a new leadership team put together for 2024. I am excited about this because this team will blend a combination of experienced, time-tested leaders with fresh, new faces ready to take on the challenges coming our way. You’ll be meeting all of them with more details coming up in January. Here is a list of them though so you can get familiar with their names:

Board of Directors

Linda Street-Ely, Vice President

Tricia Logan-Locke, Secretary & Treasurer

James C. Logan, Membership Director & President Emeritus

Steven Logan, Commissioner for Canada


Leadership Council

Charles ‘Ed’ Logan, Sr., Convener

Sean J. Logan, Genealogist

Ginny Lightsey-Ceehorne, Membership Coordinator

Caleb E. Logan, Heritage Officer

Jamie Drouet, Social Media Coordinator


This year, 2024, will see many changes, challenges, and opportunities for the family and Clan of Logan. I could not be more pleased to lead this group of volunteers – people who sacrifice their time, talent, and treasure in numerous ways – to rebuild, refine, and retell the noble heritage of the Scottish family of Logan.

Hoc Majorum Virtus!

J. Kevin Logan


Clan Logan Society International



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