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The Logan Tartan for the 21st Century

Did you miss our BIG announcement at the recent Annual General Membership meeting? The Board of Directors has decided to commission a new tartan for the Clan Logan Society International and our membership worldwide. As you can see from the examples below, across the last few centuries many different weavers and authors have attributed certain tartans to the Logans - as well as to the MacLennans.

Wishing to chart a new course and distinguish ourselves from other clans, families & societies, I struck upon the idea of creating a tartan specific to our Society. The Board agreed that the creation of this tartan should be an effort of the whole of the currently active membership, and thus have opened the design up as a competition to any active member of the Society. This of course includes members of the Clan Logan Society of Canada as well.

So if you have paid your 2023 membership dues, or are a Lifetime member of the Society, get your design ideas together and head over to the Tartan Designer on the St. Kilda store. Be sure you create a login account so that you can save your designs. It takes just a bit of practice to get up and running, but you'll no doubt get the hang of it. NOTE: It is almost impossible to use this designer correctly on a smart phone - use a desktop computer or a larger tablet/iPad to make it easier.

Our very own tartan aficionado, Mrs. Tricia Logan-Locke, will provide technical & historical oversight to ensure all design proposals conform to technical 'weave-ability' and accepted historical and cultural practices. The Board of Directors will vote on the designs to select the winning tartan. The tartan design with the most votes will be the winner. This will be a blind vote - no member information regarding the tartan submissions will be provided to the Board until after the voting is completed. Importantly, the design submission must include a rationale for the colors, pattern, etc. In other words, tell us why your design should be chosen.

The final design will be registered with Scottish Tartan Authority. The winner will not only have the bragging rights to say, "I designed the official tartan of the Clan Logan Society International," but will also receive a kilt produced with the new tartan and a Lifetime membership in the Society.

Designs must be submitted to Tricia via email at The designs must be submitted by June 30, 2023, at 12:00pm US eastern time. Interested participants may also reach out to Tricia via email prior to the due date with any questions about their designs.

Sealbh math dhuibh!

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