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Carol Whiffen Tackett, 1942 - 2022

Updated: Aug 31

Saturday, January 08, 2022

Carol Whiffen Tackett passed away from us on 1 January 2022

Carol was an active and valuable member of the Clan Logan Society International from its founding in 2002 to the present. She was a Lifetime Member, the official Clan Genealogist, and member of our Governing Board. Over the years she often hosted at Highland Games representing Clan Logan and Clan Ferguson (Carol's husband Bud was a member of Clan Ferguson). Carol was also a very active long time member of the Clans of the Highlands, serving as a COH Board member and representation of Clans Logan and Ferguson (COH is an organization of Scottish Clans active in Southern California). Carol was also very active in genealogy societies in Southern Carolina.

When I joined the Society in 2006, Carol was already an active and vocal member of the Clan Logan Society, calling members to volunteer to help at the Clan Logan hospitality tent at Highland Games in Southern California. She was the Regional Representative for California and the first member volunteer. I first met Carol at the Queen Mary Games in Long Beach CA when I answered her call for help. She was hosting a table for the Clan Logan and Clan Ferguson. When I introduced myself to her, she grabbed my arm and pulled me across the exhibit area to introduce me to Charlie Ross who was hosting for the Clan Ross. “Charlie," she said, “this is a real Logan!” Carol’s warm welcome and enthusiasm for Clan Logan drew me into more and more volunteering for our Society. This was the beginning of our long friendship.

Carol was awarded Lifetime Membership in 2009 in recognition of her efforts representing and promoting the Clan Logan Society as the State of California Regional Representative.

Carol was awarded the Certificate of Merit and Appreciation along with a Clan Logan Plaque in 2010 for her work to recruit members to host Clan Logan hospitality tents in California. The plaque was laser etched on pine wood showing the Celtic Cross with the Clan Logan Crest.

Carol was appointed to the Clan Logan Society Governing Board as a Director in 2018.

Carol has been a good friend and a faithful member, working on various committees, making many worthwhile suggestions and advocating reforms over the years. I always appreciated her suggestions and critiques of plans and goals. She was indeed a valuable contributor to the successes of our Society. I will miss her enthusiasm and insight.


James C. Logan, President

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